As we get closer to the opening of the Show we have some great news for all National Moscato Challenge entrants. At last nights meeting it was decided to add two new trophies to this increasingly popular challenge. These new trophies will be for “Best Sparkling Moscato with greater than 4.0 g/L CO2” and “Best Still Moscato less than 4.0 g/L, CO2”. Of course the “National Moscato Challenge” will still be the top trophy, but these two new ones will certainly add a feather in the cap to the winner.

And along the same line, entrants to the Australian Inland Wine Show will also find a new trophy available to win. It is the “Best Sparkling Wine of the Show” and is applicable to any dry red or white sparkling wines in classes 4.1 and 4.2 that achieve Gold medal status – so wineries, here is your chance to win another prestigious trophy from the Australian Inland Wine Show.