for the 2022 Australian Inland Wine Show

  1. No wine is to be entered more than once in the show.
  2. There is no limit to the number of entries per class.
  3. The entry fee of $40.00 per entry is payable prior to the commencement of judging. The Australian Inland Wine Show committee reserves the right to remove entries from the show if the fees have not been paid by this date.
  4. Entry fees are non refundable.
  5. Each entry will consist of four 750ml bottles or eight 375ml bottles (Exhibitors please note Trophy and Gold medal award winners will be requested to supply additional bottles for a public tasting).
  6. The Chief Steward reserves the right to transfer entries between classes if he considers they are incorrectly entered in a class. The exhibitor will be advised accordingly if this happens.
  7. Upon receipt of entry forms and within seven days Australian Inland Wine Show labels will be forwarded to exhibitors for each wine entered. Labels must be checked and correctly attached to all entries before sending them to the address shown in the official entry catalogue. Please avoid obscuring your commercial label where possible.
  8. All labelled entries must be received no later than 23rd September 2022 and all freight costs paid for by the exhibitor. A copy of the entry form must be included with the consignment and attached to the outside of the carton.
  9. The Australian Inland Wine Show reserves the right to audit any entry for non compliance with the Regulations applicable to the show. LIP’s may be requested at random for any wine.
  10. All decisions of the Australian Inland Wine Show committee are final.
  11. All wines will be judged out of 60 points. Entries that are fully dressed and commercially available at the time of judging will be eligible for medals and trophies as follows:-

    Gold medal   55.5 to 60.0 points

    Silver medal   51.0 to 55.0 points

    Bronze medal   46.5 to 50.5 points

  12. Gold Medal winning wines are only eligible for Trophies.
  13. Wines that are not fully dressed and not commercially available at the time of judging plus tank and barrel samples will be eligible for commendations only, as follows:-

    Very highly commended   55.5 to 60.0 points

    Highly commended   51.0 to 55.0 points

    Commended   46.5 to 50.5 points

  14. For the purpose of determining the most successful exhibitor of the show only medal winning wines will be taken into consideration. Points will be given for each medal awarded and tallied to determine the winner. Points scored will be as follows:-

    Gold medals   5 points

    Silver medals   3 points

    Bronze medals   1 point

  15. All wines entered in the 2022 Australian Inland Wine Show must comply with Wine Australia LIP regulations regarding GI region and variety. 85% of grapes sourced for the wine entry must be from the GI regions included in the Australian Inland Wine Show (except for classes 9.4, 9.5, 9.6 and 9.7 which can be a minimum of 51% and are only eligible for the Best Large Volume Trophy and Chief Judge’s Award). These regions are Murray Darling, Perricoota, Riverina, Riverland and Swan Hill. Details can be viewed on our website.
  16. In addition to all other regulations, entries in class 6 (Organic wines) must be appropriately certifiable as organic or biodynamic by the relevant bodies governing this type of wine & food production. The Australian Inland Wine Show committee reserves the right to request certification to confirm eligibility.
  17. All Exhibits shall conform to the respective Act of the States and Commonwealth of Australia which govern the production and sale of Australian Wine and Australian Brandy, i.e. the Customs and Excise Act and Regulations, the Spirit Act and Regulations, the Health Act and Regulations.
  18. It is a prerequisite of entry that exhibitors also agree to comply with the WFA Code of Practice relating to the display of awards. Copies of the Code of Practice are available from the Australian Inland Wine Show secretary or can be viewed and downloaded at

ENTRIES CLOSE 9th September 2022
Entry Fees $40 for all Sections

Wine is to be delivered no later than 23rd September 2022