All good things come to those who wait and that’s certainly the case for this piece of news. As you are all aware, the inaugural winner of the National Moscato Challenge was Gapsted Wines. What most will not know is the style of trophy chosen to give that really special look to this new and vibrant Challenge.

The Show Committee decided that for this new event they really wanted something classy, something to stand out from the crowd and went with a stylized solid glass trophy that had the freshness of the product it was being awarded too.

The glass teardrop it was felt, gave a more wine feel with the glass colours within hinting at the varietal colours Moscato is renowned for. Gapsted Winery were very pleased to win this prestigious award, so much so we received encouraging comment from them, and I quote

“It was a great surprise when Colin called to tell us that our Gapsted Moscato 2012 had won the Inaugural National Moscato Challenge! To see our Gapsted  Moscato win, up against iconic names such as Brown Brothers, Casella and De Bortoli (to name a few) has created quite a buzz around the winery! We are now looking forward to entering the show again in 2015 to see if we can make it 2 years in a row!  Regards  Kara Hinton Sales Marketing & Export Coordinator”

Two Committee members, Colin Free and Chris Dent did the honours by travelling to Gapsted Winery to present them with their trophy (see below).

Trophy winners

From left to right : Colin Free (AIWS committee member), Toni Plabou (Gapsted winemaker), Shayne Cunningham (chief winemaker) and Chris Dent (AIWS committee member)

Winning Wine and Trophy 1

The Wine and the Trophy overlooking the rolling green hills at Gapsted Wines.

Winning Wine and Trophy 2

And of course the Trophy with the winning wine.