Well the new Class will be happening, but the name is still formulated. Some on the committee want a catchy name, others just a name that says it. Stay tuned for the result of that. But now to more details.

The Class will be open to entries made by wineries with in the 5 GI’s our Show covers. But the wine can be made from grapes that are outside of the 5 GIs. For instance, a winery is located in the Swan Hill Region, they purchase grapes from the Barossa and produce a wine at the winery in Swan Hill. This wine will be eligible for entry in this class. However if the winery also has a winery located in the Barossa and they produce the wine there, that entry will be ineligible. This class wont be eligible for a trophy, but it will be eligible for a Best of Class certificate and will also be eligible for a medal if it is commercially available.

We are currently working online the online entries portal to make sure this isn’t likely to catch anyone by surprise. But we do understand that with anything new there may be some “gotchas” and as such we will be lenient. What this means is that entries in our other classes that may be entered incorrectly can be shifted and still eligible to be judged. We want your experience of the Show to be the best, and we would love to be able to represent these entries to the General Public at the next years Swan Hill Food and Wine Show.

Stay tuned for more information as we roll into this years Judging.