To give greater exposure to Wineries from within the regions covered by the Australian Inland Wine Show (AIWS), the AIWS wanted to find a way to acknowledge that some of these wineries produced wine from fruit grown in areas that aren’t within the regions covered by the Show. After consultation with the Chief Judge, it was agreed that we would do something to give these wineries greater scope to have their product assessed expertly by our eminently qualified Judges and greater exposure to the public at the Swan Hill Food and Wine Festival.

As such we have introduced for this years Show the new NON REGIONAL Class (yes we know, not a very creative name but we couldn’t come up with something catchy in time for this years Judging, maybe next year we will call it something else). It’s open to any winery that have physical presence (Post Office Box is excluded and vineyeard) in any of the GI’s we cover (Riverland, Murray Darling, Swan Hill, Pericoota and Riverina). But the fruit that is used to make your wine can come from anyway in Australia. To not ruffle too many feathers, this Class will not have any trophy, however all entries will be eligible for medals if commercial, or commendations if not commercial.

As an example, ABC Winery is a winery in the Swan Hill Region. They make a wine that is 100% Rutherglen fruit. This would be eligible to enter. However, DEF Winery are in Mudgee and would like to enter a wine made from grapes sourced from King Valley in Victoria. This wine would be ineligible to enter. Of course if DEF Winery were to make a wine from grapes sourced from within the GI’s covered by the Show this would be eligible for entry in any normal class within the show that matches the wine produced as per our regulations.