The 2015/16 Australian Inland Wine Show

Judging in 2015.

Judging will again be held on the first weekend in October, Saturday 3rd October to Monday 5th October, 2015. The judging panels will be decided in the coming months and published on the web site as soon as they are finalized. Keep watching the Judges page here.

Judging of the wines is conducted along strict guidelines, determined by the Winemaker’s Federation of Australia (WFA). It is essentially out of the public eye, and behind closed doors for a number of reasons, the least of which isn’t that unless you are personally involved, it’s a pretty boring and uninteresting procedure.

Public Tasting & the Swan Hill Food and Wine Festival 2016

Our second Swan Hill Food & Wine Festival attendance in March 2015, where the wines that were judged in October 2014 were on show, was even bigger and better than our first year. This event provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the many wineries that regularly enter the AIWS, plus their wide range of wine styles and varieties. It also enables the public to try out wines and learn about them, where they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to do so.

We were joined in 2015 by representatives from Brown Brothers, MoFro Wines & St Annes from Pericoota, who were on hand to show their wines to interested visitors and answer all questions.

Despite the time and effort involved in organizing and conducting the public tasting, the AIWS committee view it as an important part of the overall wine show concept. They also believe that having it as part of the Food & Wine Festival provides the best forum to achieve their objectives with respect to the wine producers, the inland river centered wine regions, the wine industry and the general public.

Therefore, unless something unforeseen happens, the AIWS Marquee will again be a prominent feature at the 2016 Swan Hill Wine & Food Festival at the Pioneer Settlement on Saturday 5th March, 2016. We hope that even more wineries will attend, making 2016 even bigger and better again than 2015!

The North West Ag Services Great Grape Stomp 2016

At the 2015 Swan Hill Food & Wine Festival, we introduced the Great Grape Stomp. We were fortunate to have a naming rights sponsor come on board and are pleased to announce that North West Ag Services has again agreed to partner with us in 2016.

A number of changes will be happening with this event, including children being able to enter, which wasn’t allowed in 2015.  So watch the web site for developments.