Last year we were inundated with all the jokes. You know the ones, about how the year 2020 was going to be one of long-sightedness, clear vision etc., Trouble is, it’s been pretty clear no one could see the future and what was about to happen, both here and overseas.

And being the year of murkiness rather than clarity that it is, we also don’t know what will happen to this year’s Wine Show. Sure grapes have still been grown and harvested, Wineries are still at work making their vintages, consumers are still buying wine, but as far as gathering our excellent troop of Judges to Judge, well we just don’t know.

October is a long way off and at the time of writing, based on Government regulations, we can’t do the Judging. Hopefully, by the time July rocks around, we will know more and have a clearer picture of what October will bring. So as it stands, we are finger crossing that we will be doing a Judging as per normal.

Stay tuned for more information.