The Grape Stomp Regulations

The Landmark
Great Grape Stomp

Where: At the Swan Hill Food & Wine Festival, Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement
When: The first weekend in March, 2016

The Rules (Terms & Conditions):

  1. The organiser of the event is the Australian Inland Wine Show Inc and any sponsor or sponsors nominated by them. A scrutineer will be appointed by the AIWS on the day. The scrutineer will oversee the running of the Grape Stomp event.
  2. There will be up to three (3) heats during the day. Each heat will consist of three (3) teams. Each team will consist of three (3) team members; two stompers and one collector. All team members must be over 18 on the day of the event. Teams will be required to check in at the Australian Inland Wine Show marquee just inside the main entrance of the Food & Wine Festival between 11:00am and midday on the day of the event.
  3. The winning team from each heat will compete in a Grand Final Stomp Off at 2:15pm.
  4. The cost of entry will be $15 per team, payable on the day for registrations prior to the event, registrations on the day will be $20 per team. Team members will also need to pay the normal $15 entry fee to the Food & Wine Festival to gain entry to the event site.
  5. Entries must be lodged at least three (3) days preceding the event by faxing to 5032 2257 or dropping them into the Information centre. Entry forms can be downloaded from the Australian Inland Wine Show web site, Entries may be taken on the day if all positions are not filled in prior to the event however a completed entryform must be presented prior to the first heat.
  6. Each participating team member will receive a bottle of wine and an engraved wine glass.
  7. Teams are encouraged to dress for the occasion. There will be a prize for the best dressed team as judged by the event organisers.
  8. All team members will receive a bottle of wine just for entering. Prizes will be presented to the winning team in each heat and to the winner of the Grand Final Stomp-off.
  9. The decision of the scrutineer will be final and must be accepted and not challenged or refuted by any competing team.
  10. The organisers and scrutineer have the right to disqualify any team that they consider is not competing in the spirit of the competition.
  11. Whilst every care will be taken to ensure that safe work practices are observed at all times, the organisers, scrutineer, affiliates and sponsors will be indemnified from any personal or property injury or damage to competitors resulting from their participation in the event. The Pioneer Settlement public liability covers the Grape Stomp.

How it all works:

  1. Three cut down wine barrel like basket presses are each placed on a “collection tray” which is all then put onto an elevated stage or platform. The tray has a drain hole and hose at the front. A measured quantity of fresh grapes is put into each press.
  2. At the start signal, the stompers jump into their respective presses and stomp as hard and as fast as they can. It’s not as easy as it sounds …! Stompers keep their balance and avoid falling out of the presses, by linking their arms together. If one or both stompers fall out of the press (any part of the body touching the ground is construed as being out) the fallen stomper is/are not allowed to continue stomping.
  3. The third team member, or collector, collects the juice as it runs from the drain hose in the tray, into a plastic jug. The collector must also try to keep the drain hole free of blockages from crushed grapes, but must not force any juice into the drain hole/pipe.
  4. The collector is encouraged to coach his/her stompers using any method they like, short of jumping in the press with them.
  5. When the level of juice reaches a set mark on the collection jug, the collector must press the finish hooter. The first team to press the hooter is the winner of the heat but teams are encouraged to keep going in case the first team’s juice subsequently does not come up to the set mark, as determined by the scrutineer.

You can download and print off the Grape Stomp Entry Form here.